What is the sound of you, your production or your brand?

Is it happy, sad, epic or mystic?
The SOY team has produced music for a variety of clients, for branding and storytelling purposes. AMONG these are award-winning tv-series, films, brands and companies like   RICA HOTELS, KLP, NRK, TV2, TVN, Moo, Selvaag, Store Norske leksikon, and also for bands such as STING, a-ha, Shirley Bassey, Katzenjammer, Ane Brun, Sondre Lerche and many more. We offer both customized music and PLaylists.

music defines identity very efficiently, and through soy audio branding program you can give your brand or production a more significant personality that people will recognize as soon as they hear the sound of you.
 Every year 20,000 new brands are launched worldwide, compared to only 500 in the 70´s. The same growth can be found in the media production industry. Most brands are only using visual branding tools to separate themselves from the crowd even though sound has been proved a more effective method of jogging the minds identification process and moreso than visual effects. 
The worlds biggest brands are aware of this fact, hence coca-cola, starbucks, mc donalds and apple all have a very solid sound branding strategy.
The soy audio branding program offers sound branding tools similar to a normal visual branding kit but using sound logos, jingles, soundscapes and songs to make your production or brand stick out from the crowd with a distinct personality people won´t forget.

Here are some samples of our music: