What is the sound of you, your production or your brand?

The SOY team is an international network awarded composers and studios that makes world class music in all musical genres. They have produced music for a variety of clients, for branding and storytelling purposes.

Among these are award-winning tv-series, films, brands and companies like United Yacht Sales, SAS, WoolLand, Moods Of Norway, RICA HOTELS, KLP, NRK, TV2, TVN, Moo, Selvaag, SAS, KLP, won numerous international awards and made and produced music for artists such as Miley Cirus, STING, a-ha, Shirley Bassey, Katzenjammer, Ane Brun, Sondre Lerche and many more. We offer both customized music and Playlists.

Music defines identity very efficiently, and through soy audio branding program you can give your brand or production a more significant personality that people will recognize as soon as they hear the sound of you.

Every year 20,000 new brands are launched worldwide, compared to only 500 in the 70┬┤s. The same growth can be found in the media production industry. Brands with their own Sound increases brand recongnition by 96%.

Our SOY Audio Branding Program is unique in the world and recommended by design and innovation councils.
Many wonders how we do it. The recipe is a well kept secret and only reveiled to our clients.


Here are some samples of our music: